What do I need to bring with me to let me hire something out?

You’ll need to bring with you a drivers licence as a form of identification. We will also require payment in full for the equipment, and any additional costs before you take it.

How long is a half day hire?

A half day hire is 4 hours from the time you have picked it up, as long as it is back by the end of the day.

But I only need it for an hour or two?

Some items of equipment have a 2 hour hire rate as shown on the website, however for most equipment, the half day is the minimum hire rate.

Do your machines come with petrol or diesel, and do I have to top it up before I bring it back?

All of our equipment is full of fuel, ready to start work immediately. The price of that is charged as an additional cost to the hire rate at the start of the hire. You can either use it all completely and there will be no extra charge, or you can bring it back full and we will refund to you the cost of the fuel.

I have 2 stroke mix at home, can I use that?

No, we mix our own 2 stroke fuel at a 40:1 ratio, and require that it is used in our machines so that they can work happily for the next person to hire it. We provide you with enough fuel at the start of the hire, and refund to you whatever is brought back.

I’m running a bit late, will there be an extra charge?

While we are here to help, the equipment needs to be back so we can service, and clean it in a timely manner for the next customer to hire. Items that are out for half a day which are late get charged the day price. Items over a day will be charged additionally at 0.5 day intervals.