Test & Tagging Services

$6.90 per item

Working near electricity or using electrical appliances is dangerous, and accidents such as electrocution or arc flashes can lead to fatal consequences. To ensure a safe workplace, employers are obligated to have electrical appliances on site inspected and labelled properly.

As per standards and regulations, all electrical equipment, tools and leads sold in New Zealand must be tested on a regular basis – a procedure we know as ‘test and tag’. This reduces the risk to workers using the equipment. Testing and tagging must be carried out by a trained professional, using proper testing tools.

How often electrical appliances should be inspected depends mainly on the type of environment where they are used or located. The interval between inspections on building sites is generally 3 months.

Tested, tagged, and recorded to AS/NZS 3760:2010

We offer a Test & Tag service for all single phase appliances up to 15A

At Horowhenua Hire, we have both a Registered Electrical Appliance Service person, and a Registered Electrical Inspector both with many years of experience in the electrical industry.